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Ganga Government Museum, Bikaner

With a rich display of archaeological artifacts from Harappa and the early Gupta periods, this museum in Bikaner is often considered as the best museum in Rajasthan.

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Ganga State Museum

Ganga State Museum

Ganga State Museum

Ganga State Museum

Ganga State Museum

An Old B

Ganga State Museum


Ganga State Museum


Ganga State Museum

Ancient Throne

Ganga State Museum


Ganga State Museum


Ganga State Museum


The history of the Ganga Government Museum in Bikaner dates back to the early decades of the last century when Maharaja Ganga Singh Ji, the then ruler of the state, appointed an Italian scholar named Dr. Luigi Pio Tessilori on 6th December 1915 for conducting the historical and bardic survey of the region.

During the survey, a vast hoard of archaeological wealth, consisting of Proto-Historic material remains, terracotta, sculpture, epigraphs, coins, etc. of the subsequent period were found and brought to light.

In 1937, these acquired art treasures from the various parts of the state were housed in a newly constructed building during the Golden Jubilee celebration of Maharaja Ganga Singh's reign. He himself spared a number of other objects of general interest from his own palace to the museum.

The building was then named as Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum and was inaugurated on 5th November 1937 by the then Governor General of India, Lord Linlithow.

In the year 1950, the museum was taken over by Government of Rajasthan under Department of Archaeology and Museums and was renamed as Ganga Government Museum, Bikaner.

Galleries at the Museum:

  1. Maharaja Ganga Singh Gallery
  2. Local Art & Crafts Gallery
  3. Textile & Carpets Gallery
  4. Historic Painting & Mughal Farmans Gallery
  5. Ancient Coins Gallery
  6. Armory Gallery
  7. Sculptures & Terracotta's Gallery
  8. Archaeological & Dr. Tessitori Gallery
  9. Jain Sculpture Gallery
  10. Lithograph Art Gallery
  11. Painting & Local Arts Gallery in two parts

The museum is a treasure house of fine collections of historical objects, sculptures, and other wonderful artwork. There are sections in the museum in a way that all the artifacts follow a hierarchy and historical importance. There is the Silk Robe of Shehjada Salim which is quite fabulous to see. There are also some other unique collection of miniatures from across the state.

Old photographs, hunting weapons, trophies, cameras of that time, movie projectors, and terracotta ware of the Gupta rule, traditional musical instruments, glassware, royal paintings, gold paintings by local artists and miniature models of the Royal Bikaner train, and Gajner Palace as well as Lalgarh Palace are also a part of the amazing collection at Ganga Government Museum. Visitors can also see a number of black and white photographs of India during the British Raj, war weapons of Rajasthan, and priceless sculptures from Harappan ages.

The museum complex also has Anup Library containing valuable and rare Sanskrit manuscripts dating back to the Deccan rule of Raja Anup Singh during the 17th century, and Litho prints of British Empire.

Ganga Government Museum, Bikaner


Rani Bazar, Shardul Colony, Bikaner, Rajasthan 334201

Best time to visit:

October – February

Opening hours:

10:00 AM -5.00 PM (Tuesday – Sunday)

Entry Fee:


Rates in INR


Rs. 20/-

Indian Student

Rs. 10/-


Rs. 100/-

Foreigner Student

Rs. 50/-


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