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For the first time in Rajasthan, 14% reservation to Girls

Enrollment of Girl reached an all-time high of 51% in Government Colleges of Rajasthan.

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College students

14% reservation to Girls

Nominations of daughters have reached 51 percent in government colleges of Rajasthan, but enrollment of girls in IIIT, IIT, and MNIT run in the state could not be higher than 15 percent. This is the situation in the entire country including the state. These pictures have been going on for years, but for the first time now, these seats will change as there is a reserved 14% seat for girls in the Central Technical Educational Institutions. Experts said that this change will make enrollment of girls in Triple IT, IIT and NIT for 28 to 30 percent, which will be double compared to the current figures.

Nomination of girls under 15 percent of central institutions

In admission to MNIT last year, only 14 percent girls got admission, boys were 86 percent. Last year, only 103 girls got admission in 702 seats. At the same time, the number of girls in Triple-IT is just 13 on the 120 seats. Also out of 180 seats in IIT Jodhpur, girls occupy less than 15 percent. However, all these educational institutions are getting admission from the merit of the Joint Examination of the country.

What MHRD wants

Target enrollment of girls 30-35 percent. MHRD wants women's participation in technical education to be increased. For this participation to be increased by 30 to 35 percent by 2020, the 14 percent girls' reservation has been decided.

Experts' Belief: This change will change the world

Our youth is providing services around the world. In such a situation, the reservation for the girls will bring changes in the world including the country, and our daughters will flutter around the world, said Prof. Uday Kumar R Yaragatti, MNIT Director


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