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Four food labs launches in districts of Rajasthan

Rajasthan Health Department recently launched four food labs in four districts of the state. In fact a mobile food testing lab is also waved off.

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Rajasthan Food Testing Laboratory

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Rajasthan Food Testing Laboratory

If you wish to stay healthy then eat healthy. Hence, it is important that you should be aware about the food you eat. In order to check the quality, Rajasthan Health Department has launched new food laboratories in four districts of the state. With the aim of strengthening the food testing facilities, these food laboratories are being launched. Know more.

The already existing laboratories are in Jaipur, Ajmer, Kota, Alwar, Jodhpur, Udaipur and Jalore. Here, testing of adulteration of the food will take place. In these laboratories, the testing of collected food samples is being held. In Rajasthan, there are already seven laboratories. With the opening of these four, the number reached to 11.

Four labs are opened in the districts of Bikaner, Banswara, Bharatpur and Churu. The recently opened laboratories are equipped with the latest equipments. Rajasthan government spent ₹ 55 crore on each of these four laboratories.

Food Testing done by Labs

In the existing food labs, chemicals in the food can be detected.  In fact, the microbiological testing of food products is also possible in these laboratories. Jaipur’s lab is far advanced as it can detect heavy metals in the food.

Mobile Food Testing laboratory

A mobile food testing laboratory, costing ₹ 35 lacs has also been flagged off. This mobile lab facilitates the testing of milk and other milk products. In fact, the testing of spices can also be done.  The result will be given on the spot. This mobile lab helps in identifying the quality of spices, eatable oil and dairy products so the consumers can be assured of what they are consuming.


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