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Earthen Bottles – New Way to Beat the Rajasthani Heat

Cold drinking water is the best way to keep you hydrated in the scorching summer season in Rajasthan.

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Earthen Bottles

Earthen Bottles

Earthen Bottles

Earthen Bottles

Earthen Bottles

Earthen Bottles

Earthen Bottles

Earthen Bottles

Summer season is going on and everyone needs cold water to drink but it is not possible to get cold water everywhere anytime. But what if you have something, something you can carry all the time with you, which keep the drinking water cold just like a refrigerator?

From childhood, you have seen an earthen pot in your homes. This earthen pottery pot acts as a natural refrigerator. They do not spoil the throat, save electricity and also reduce the worries of global warming. What if you could keep the indigenous fridge (the cold water of the pot) with you?

Soil-made bottles are the center of attraction

Nowadays, eco-friendly cold water utensils are looting people in Rajasthan. These soil bottles are special. These bottles are available in many sizes and attractive designs. Seeing these bottles, it is difficult to say that they are made of clay. You can take them with you anywhere.

Beneficial for health in every way

These bottles made from clay are also beneficial for your health in every way. The main thing about the bottle is that it remains cool and sweet for a long time, just like the earthen pot. Being made of clay, it also saves you from many types of allergies, skin problems, and stomach disorders. Apart from this, it also saves you from the dangers of plastic.

Watch this video to know the advantages of this bottle from a craftsman who sells them.

Now you know how beneficial these earthen bottles are. So let beat this summer’s heat by using these unique water bottles made of soil.


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