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No casualty from Dust Storm in Rajasthan

Unlike the destruction by the dust storm on May 2, many parts of the state witnessed the dust storm but it went without any significant destruction.

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Dust Storm in Rajasthan

Dust Storm in Rajasthan

High-velocity wind with light showers lashed many cities, including Jaipur, across the state in wee hours of Tuesday. As the schools were open while the mild dust storm continued in the morning, Jaipur district collector directed them to send children back home by 10 am on Tuesday. No untoward incident has been reported from the state till Tuesday evening. However, the Meteorological Department issued a fresh warning of thunderstorm and dust storm in isolated places in the state in next 24 hours.

Unlike the destruction by the dust storm on May 2, many parts of the state witnessed the dust storm but it went without any significant destruction. Many places in Jodhpur and Bikaner divisions and at isolated places in Jaipur, Ajmer, and Kota division witnessed dust storm. Besides, moderate rain with thunderstorm occurred at isolated places in Jodhpur division and light rain with thunderstorm occurred at many places in Jodhpur, Bikaner and isolated places in Jaipur and Ajmer division.

The dust storm with showers in different parts of the state has brought along relief from scorching heat. All the parts of the state, where the temperature was hovering between 40 degrees Celsius and 45 degrees Celsius, has witnessed significant fall in the day temperature.

Phalodi in Jodhpur recorded 2 cms of rainfall, while Lohavat, Sardarshahar, Ratangarh, Rajgarh, Garsana, Osian, Pokran, Ramgarh, Bikaner, and Churu reported one cm each of rainfall on Tuesday.

In Ajmer, sandstorm hit the city at around 7.30 am followed by rains for ten minutes. Two electric poles came out and some trees also fell down but no major destruction was reported. The storm hit the city in the morning when children were going to school. Within few minutes dust engulfed the city. The dust storm affected visibility, which went low and leads to traffic congestion on roads. The storm stayed in the city for 10 minutes.

Pushkar and Kishangarh too witnessed dust storm but no destruction was reported by the district administration.

According to the Meteorological department, Ajmer recorded 36.6 degrees Celsius while Jaipur recorded 37.6 degrees Celsius where the temperature had gone up touching 43 degrees Celsius recently.

Majority of the districts recorded day temperature below 40 degrees Celsius. However, Phalodi remained the hottest place in the state with 44 degrees Celsius.

source: The Times of India


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