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India’s First Solar Lamp Project to Launch in Dungarpur

Dungarpur Solar Lamp Project is all set to begin its large scale productions.

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Dungarpur: National Award winning initiative ‘Solar Lamp Project’ of Dungarpur is now gaining momentum with the projects’ plant and machinery constructions nearing its completion.

The project was honored by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 11th Civil Service day. Now the project is all set to begin its large scale operations within a period of 2 months. The company's registration and building construction work is going through the last phases, and it is being said that the production work shall begin as soon as within two months.

The module manufacturing plant of the project is being set up here in collaboration with IIT Mumbai. As soon as the preliminary processes get completed, women of the district will start operating the entire project, as it was already declared that the project shall be run only by the women. In fact, registration of the company itself is being done only by the name of women.

350 women have already applied for the job. Out of them 60 will be selected to work in the plant, that in future is expected to produce 2 megawatts of energy, annually.

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