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Places to Visit | Dungarpur

Dungarpur’s rise to tourist fame is thanks to the exceptional architecture of its palaces and royal residences.

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Udai Bilas Palace Dungarpur

Udai Bilas Palace Dungarpur

Dungarpur is as exotic as the green marble found here and shipped globally and lies snug in the foothills of the Aravalli range. Come explore the wonders and sites that Dungarpur has to offer.

Udai Bilas Palace - Now a Heritage Hotel, Udai Bilas Palace has been named after Maharawal Udai Singh II. Its striking design follows classic Rajput architectural style and boasts of detailed designs in its balconies, arches and windows. A beautiful wing built of the local bluish grey stone called Pareva overlooks the lake.

Juna Mahal - Juna Mahal (Old Palace) is a 13th century, seven-storeyed edifice. It is built on a high platform constructed from Pareva stone and its rugged exterior gives it a resemblance of a citadel. Visitors will be spellbound by the beautiful murals, miniature paintings and delicate glass and mirror work that adorn the interiors.

Gaib Sagar Lake - The lake is famous for the shrine of Shrinathji that rests on its banks. The shrine complex contains numerous exquisitely carved temples and one core temple, the Vijay Rajrajeshwar Temple.

Badal Mahal - The Badal Mahal, built using Pareva stone, is another splendid palace of Dungarpur. Located on the banks of Gaib Sagar Lake, it is renowned for its elaborate design and a fusion of the architectural styles of the Rajputs and the Mughals.

Baneshwar Temple - The Beneshwar temple, containing the most revered Shiva Linga of the region, is situated on a delta. formed at the confluence of Som and Mahi rivers. The Linga is believed to be Swayambhu or self created. It stands five feet high and is spilt broken at the top in five parts.

Bhuvaneshwar - Located barely 9 kilometres from Dungarpur is Bhuvaneshwar, famous for a Shiva temple which is perched on a mountain top. The temple is built around a naturally formed Shivaling. Tourists can also visit an ancient monastery located atop the mountain.

Galiakot - At a distance of 58 kilometres from Dungarpur, located on the banks of River Mahi, is a hamlet called Galiakot. The place is known for Syed Fakhruddin’s shrine. The shrine is made from white marble and has his teachings engraved on it walls.

Other Top Sights to visit in Dungarpur

  • Government Archaeological Museum
  • Surpur Temple
  • Vijay Raj Rajeshwer Temple
  • Shrinathji Temple
  • Goodh Mandap
  • Nagfanji
  • Deo Somnath
  • Boreshwar Mahadeo
  • Kshetrapal Temple


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