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Dravyavati Revival to Gain Momentum with First Installment of Funds Received

Dravyavati River Project, one of the most significant projects of the state capital, received its first installment of funds from NCRPB.

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Jaipur: The sluggish pace at which the Dravyavati River project was proceeding is soon going to witness some speed. As was reported, it was the lack of funds that led to the slow development of the project but this Monday, the project got its first installment of ₹ 240 crores from National Capital Region Planning Board.

The board had approved to fund Jaipur Development Authority (JDA) ₹ 1,098 crore for the project in February and made its first installment this week. The board is charging interest rate of 7.5% to JDA but if the repayment of the amount is done on time 15% subsidy will be given.

Dravyavati was one of the major rivers to flow in the region but after decades of ignorance and ceaseless flow of polluted water and garbage in the river, it shrunk into what we now know as Amanisha Nala. It is for the revival of its waters JDA has taken up the ‘Dravyavati River Project’.

The estimated cost of the project is ₹ 1600 crores out of which JDA has already spent ₹ 250 crores. The state government had recently given the construction project to Tata Projects-Lead Consortium with turn-around period of 30 months.

In the process of the project, many major steps will be taken, including removal of encroachments and rehabilitation of the affected people. Also, JDA has proposed to build check dams for the purpose, length of which will depend on the availability of space. Furthermore, plans have also been made to turn the surrounding area of 65,000 square meters green by planting over 16,000 trees and JDA has already received environmental clearance for the purpose.

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