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Sirohi District

Another district that comes under Gorwar region of Rajasthan is Sirohi.

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Sirohi District is the third least populous district of Rajasthan, after Jaisalmer and Pratapgarh, as per the 2011 census. The district has the least number of villages in Rajasthan. Due to the presence of many temples and shrines, the place is also known as "Dev Nagari" since ancient times. During the reign of Chouhan Deora rulers (15th century AD) until 1947, Sirohi was famous for manufacturing double edged swords. The district is divided by hills and rocky ranges. The granite mountain range of Mount Abu separates the district into two portions.

The south and south-east part of the district lies between the main spine of the Aravallis and Mount Abu. This part of the district is a weathered highland and the drainage basin for the West Banas River. Dry deciduous forest is common in this part of the district. The higher elevations of Mount Abu are covered with cone-bearing trees like the spruce, pine, fir and hemlock.

The part of district which is in west and north of the Mount Abu is drier as the rain shadow of the mountain blocks the southwest monsoon. The Sukri River drains the western slope of Mount Abu as well as the southwest corner of the district whereas the northwestern portion of the district is the drainage basin for the tributaries of the Luni River. The western and northern portions of the district are covered by the Northwestern thorn scrub forests.


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