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Hadoti, or the Hada state, consists of five administrative units namely Bundi, Baran, Jhalawar, Kota and a small subdivision called Keshorai Patan.

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  • Bundi: A district in the Hadoti region of Rajasthan, it's divided into five administrative areas or tehsils namely Bundi, Hin doli, Nainwa, Keshoraipatan and Indragarh. The prominent feature of the district is its historical architecture, which includes several forts, palaces. It has over 50 stepwells, Raniji ki baori being the most prominent one.

  • Baran: Previously a part of Kota till 1991, when the district received its separate identity for administration purpose. The district is home to five major rivers of this region including Kali Sindh, Parvati River, Parwan River, Andheri and Ban-Ganga. Baran also has a power station, the  Anta Gas Power Plant.

  • Jhalawar: Previously knows as Brijnagar, Jhalawar is named after its founder and Rajput ruler Jhala Zalim Sing. Situated on the edge of Malwa plateau, the district has one major river the Kali Sindh that flows northwards through the center of the district. With headquarters in Jhalawar city the district has five other sub-divisions namely Aklera, Bhawani Mandi, Pirawa, Khanpur and Manohar Thana.

  • Kota: The most significant district of the region, Kota is now popularly known as the education hub of Rajasthan. Home to Asia's biggest fertiliser manufacturer, Kota also has two power stations (Kota Thermal Power Plant and Jawahar sagar Hydraulic Power Plant). The district was initially a principality captured by Jait Singh, who named it after a brave chieftain, Kotya, and even had a temple built in his honor, the Kotya Bhil Temple.


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