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Bharatpur district comes under the Mewat region.

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Bharatpur District in Rajasthan state is a part of National Capital Region (NCR). It lies on the Golden Tourism Triangle of Delhi–Jaipur–Agra. Known as the Eastern Gateway to Rajasthan, it is famous for Keoladeo National Park, the only avifauna sanctuary which is a UNESCO's World Heritage Site.

Bharatpur is also known as Lohagarh because of the fact that British were never able to rule on Bharatpur. The main fortess of the city is also known as Lohagarh Fort due to the same fact. The history of the Royal House of Bharatpur dates back to 11th Century.

The residents belong to different communities such as the Jats, Vaishya, Bhramans, Rajputs and Gujjars. The Sinsinwar jats were once the rulers of the region. The commonly spoken languages in Bharatpur are Hindi and English. However, due to the closeness to Mathura, the people understand and speak Brij dialect as well.


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