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Vagad region of Rajasthan consists of two major districts Dungarpur and Banswara, both of which were princely states of the same name before independence.

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Banswara: Divided into five administrative units or Tehsils namely Bagidora, Banswara, Garhi, Ghatol and Kushalgarh, Banswara is situated in the southern-most part of the state. Before independence, Banswara was a princely state of the same name which was established Maharawal Jagmal when he was granted the land south-east of Mahi river to rule by his father Udai singh. In 2006, Banswara was named one of India's 250 most backward districts and is still receives funds from the BRGF programme. Apart from that, the rest of the economy of the district from agricultural products like maize, wheat, rice, cotton soya bean and gram, and minerals like graphite, soapstone, dolomite, rock phosphate, limestone and green marbles. Presence of Mahi River enriches the flora and fauna of the district giving it an appearance of an oasis in the desert state of Rajasthan.

Dungarpur: Where Banswara is rich in nature’s abundance the other part of the Vagar region Dungarpur, former capital of the Vagar region, brings archeological affluence to it. Sites like Udai Bilas, Juna Mahal, Baneshwar and numerous other religious buildings give Dungarpur a distinct identity in the archaeology of the state. Despite all this heritage wealth, the economy of the district isn’t sufficiently strong and relies on the funds received from BRGF programme like its counterpart of the region Banswara. The lack of sufficient economy, however, proved beneficial for the heritage of the place that unlike other archeologically rich sites was least affected by the vandalizing activities and the frescoes, miniature paintings, and mirror work still ornate them. The district is divided into four administrative divisions Aspur, Dungarpur, Sagwara, Simalwara.


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