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Discovering the Beauty of LIFE

Kartik recently visited Rajasthan in search of liveliness. He believe that "Its a really Big World out there and Life is too short to live in a utopian dream".

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Travel Dairy Ranakpur


Travel Dairy Ranakpur

Jain Marvels

Travel Dairy Ranakpur

Resolute Smile

Travel Dairy Ranakpur

Morning Bliss

Travel Dairy Ranakpur

Strings of Faith

Travel Dairy Ranakpur


Travel Dairy Ranakpur

Bullet Baba (Om Banna) Temple

Travel Dairy Ranakpur


The most beautiful things are the most simple things which are always near to us. In this trip I decided to look for them. To be honest I realized that there was hardly an effort to find those moments and feelings, they were there to be discovered. I looked for LIFE as a form in the desert and I found its myriad forms. It was in the Jain stone temple and monuments, hundreds of year old near Ranakpur and Jaisalmer, as if Life still awaiting there for someone to touch it. Life sprouting from the stone carvings. Going further deep in the Thar, in the barren desert near Tanot, where life was what we take as a struggle, I found life in the kindled eyes of children playing in the midst of sand.Their innocence and spontaneity and overwhelming joy felt like a splash of water in the abandoned landscape. I also saw and got mesmerized when I saw the glimmering smile and reflections of shyness of a cattle herder.

We did a camping halt near Ranakpur-Kumbhalgarh area. We were lucky to find a lakeside. It was full moon at night. Kept watching hide and seek it was playing in the clouds, kept counting stars. But what I remember starkly was the hypnotizing morning sunrise between the hills which painted the landscape in orange colour of dawn. At the end of my travel, the discovery for which I started left me in thoughts, which had only firmed my belief that no matter how difficult, how daunting the LIFE looks but still its b-e-a-utiful.

source: bit.ly/2y9MtuK


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