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Rajasthan Digifest began with enthusiastic Hackathon

With the strong intention of realizing the concept of 'Digital Rajasthan', two-day Rajasthan Digifest Udaipur 2017 has begun from Saturday

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Rajasthan Digifest Udaipur 2017 hackathon

Udaipur Hackathon 2017

Rajasthan Digifest Udaipur 2017 hackathon

Udaipur Hackathon 2017

Under the unique initiative of the Government of Rajasthan, after Jaipur and Kota, Udaipur Digifest also started with the enthusiasm of 'Hackathon'. Students of IT, Engineering and other technical subjects are participating in this Mahakumbh of IT talent from different regions of the country, as well as various subject experts and startup persons are also encouraging new talent in this event.

The strong platform of youth talent started with Digifest, under the aegis of the Department of Information Technology and Communication, in which more than 1500 coders and students are demonstrating their talent and innovation. This Hackathon competition, the country's largest operated country, will last for 24 hours. The participants described this step by the state government as a unique initiative in the digital sector and said that through this competition talent is getting a strong platform and the useful and innovative suggestions of the new generation are coming out.

In the 'Hackathon', students of various engineering and technical institutes from across the country have joined the online registration for 24 hours. These participants are presenting innovation and useful tips through applications on subjects like Bhamashah Yojana, e-friends, tourism, Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, Big Data, Bio Informatics etc.


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