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Desert National Park

A Natural Habitat for Near Extinct Species in One of The Most Uninhabitable Places on Earth.

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Desert National Park of Jaisalmer

Desert national park in rajasthan,

Desert National Park of Jaisalmer

Desert National Park of Jaisalmer

Desert National Park of rajasthan

Desert National Park of rajasthan

Rajasthan, a state known for its rich culture and history doesn’t receive its share of recognition in the area of geography and wildlife, which is equally magical. The Desert National Park of Jaisalmer is a miraculous example of the ecosystem of the Thar Desert. Despite being situated in the heart of the desert, the major terrain of the park is rocky and salt lake bottoms, only 20% of the area being covered with sand dunes. Apart from being one of a kind national park, it is also counted among the largest ones on the earth, with an enormous area of 3162 km2.

The avifauna of the park evidently had a greater share in the habitat. It is haven for the migratory birds from around the globe, especially the ones that can survive on little water. One can easily sight various genera of eagles, falcons, harriers, vultures, kestrels, sand grouse, bee-eaters, larks, shrikes, and partridges in the park throughout the year.

The rarer sightings are those of Macqueen’s bustard, demoiselle crane (birds that are come here only during the colder months of the year) and the nearly extinct state bird of Rajasthan the Great Indian Bustard or Godawan (the localized name of the bird) nearby the Sudashri waterhole.

The other creatures that are found in abundance here include reptiles like monitor lizard, vipers, common kraits, spiny-tailed lizard, and mammals like hedgehog, Indian wolf, chinkara, blackbuck, desert fox, desert cat and hyena. Apparently, being a sanctuary in midst of desert, the national park inhabits a great deal of wildlife in it. Presumably, this abundance of fauna was present in the past as well; fossils of about 6 million years’ old dinosaurs too were excavated from the area.


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