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Decoding Rajasthani Slangs for Travelers to make the Tour Easy and Fun

Visiting a place with an altogether different culture and language is quite exciting but equally challenging too. India’s diversification is a treat to the people who take a keen interest in breaking the barriers so as to explore and observe as to how we Indians are different yet similar to each other.

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Rajasthani Slang for tourists

Rajasthani Slang for tourists

Khamma Gani खम्मा गणी

Khamma Gani खम्मा गणी

Kathe कठे

Kathe कठे

Bana/Banna बना/बन्ना

Bana/Banna बना/बन्ना

 Futra फुतरा

Futra फुतरा

Laturiya लटुरिया

Laturiya लटुरिया

Rajasthan is one such state which opens up the doors to a totally unfamiliar culture for people residing in other parts of the country or those hailing from other parts of the world. Right from the food to the attire, everything reflects a sense of royalty and grace.

Even though Rajasthan has several kinds of local languages spoken in different parts, there are some common terms or slangs that can be heard across the state, irrespective of the region.

Here is a list of such common Rajasthani slangs that will make any tour easy and fun.


Khamma Ghani

Whether it’s meeting people or bidding farewell, Rajasthani people have a unique way of greeting, which they express by the phrase Khamma Ghani. Basically, whenever you want to say hello or goodbye, fold your hands and respectfully say Khamma Ghani and you will be greeted with Ghani Ghani Khamma.


In this age of technology where Google Map comes handy, there may still be some remote places in the hills or deserts when you would be required to ask for directions. In such a case, you may get to hear local Rajasthani terms in response.

So, here are some important terms that will help you understand the navigation easily.  

> Aago: Away, Far

> Left: Dawlo Haath

> Right: Saavlo Hath


Apart from the obvious questions about navigation, you may also be required to enquire about other things. Questions like, where can we find the authentic Rajasthani dishes or how many windows are there in the Hawa Mehal?

So when you ask (or asked about) things like what, how or where, these are the terms you should know:

> Kathe: Where

> Kaayin: What

> Kaiyaan: How

Addressing People

Often while calling out random people in a crowd, we use words like ‘excuse me’ or ‘hello’ but when you are visiting Rajasthan, people may call you with names that are more respectful yet friendly. This can also help you bond better with the Rajasthanis. Following are the words that you can use:

> Bana: man, brother, someone you can rely on

> Beendni: bride

> Taabar: kid


While visiting the villages or small towns of the state you may come across people who use the local terms that are completely unfamiliar to you. In some cases you may not understand whether they are praising you or yelling at you because of the language barrier.

So knowing common terms will help you acknowledge their behavior and will also help you come with a comeback for them. Take note of these common complimenting words:

> Footra: Awesome

> Chokho: Good

Other Common Words

Traveling is not just about visiting places or monuments; it’s also about interacting with the native people and peeking into their lifestyle, listening to their experiences, gaining knowledge about their culture, etc.

However, if you are not aware of their local language, you may not want to stop them midway and ask about the meaning of the terms that they are using. So, having a rough idea about their dialect will help you interact better with them.

Enlisted below are some interesting words that you will hear from Rajasthani folks.

> Dhap Dayeni: all of a sudden, without a warning, unexpectedly

> Haako: Speaking Loudly

> Laturia: Hair

> Jeeman: Eating

> Huno: Listen

> Bero: to know

Now that you have gone through these common Rajasthani slangs, next time while touring the state, you won’t have to depend on Google translation for interacting with the native folks. Besides, it would be an informative, fun tour filled with insightful conversations.


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