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Contribution to Freedom Movement by Different Section of the Society

In the Rajputana province there were a lot of majestic states. Most of these states were princely where rulers were having all the powers. Ajmer was the only province which was directly under the control of British. Different sections of the society contributed in their own way to the fight for independence. Few of them are mentioned below-

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thakur rao gopal singh

thakur rao gopal singh

illustration assassination attempt Lord Charles Hardinge

illustration assassination attempt Lord Charles Hardinge

Hanuman Singh Budania

Hanuman Singh Budania

Royalty of Rajasthan

Thakur Rao Gopal Singh of Kharwa (near Ajmer) was a diehard patriot. He was imprisoned for 4 years in Todagarh Fort for the armed revolt he organized against the British. A fair is organized every year near Ajmer to honor their former Thakur who died in 1939.


Daulat Mal Bhandari was elected as Development and Agriculture Minister in the erstwhile Jaipur State Legislative Assembly in 1947. However, long before that, he actively took part in the Freedom Struggle. The "Azad Morcha" was formed by him in 1942 along with a staged Satyagarh for which he served a 9 month imprisonment. He also organized "Praja Mandal", a group of local people against the British rule in Jaipur.

Charan Community

Pratap Singh Baharath was an independence activist who played prominent role in the revolutionary movement. He was a follower of Ras Bihari Bose, who inspired him to join the Revolutionary Party. He was an active participant in planning the bombing at Lord Hardinge, Viceroy of India on 3 December 1912. He was sentenced to jail for five years in Feb 1916 in Banaras Conspiracy Case. He was brutally tortured to reveal the name of his fellow patriots Bareilly Central Jail. He refused and died as un unsung hero in the jail on 7 May 1918.

Royal Services (eg. State Police, Princely State Army,etc.)

Hanuman Singh Budania was in police service of princely state of Bikaner. He was sympathetic to the revolutionary people of the state. Maharaja of Bikaner was warned regarding this. As a result, he left the police service in 1942 and joined Bikaner Rajya Praja Parishad. He convinced the villagers to join the Parishad by making them aware of the freedom movement. He also took part in the Indian Praja Parishad conference held during the same period. The conference was chaired by Jawahar Lal Nehru. An arrest warrant was issued against him and the 8000 farmers who were against the Jagirdari system. However, they vanished into a unknown forest. Later, he was arrested and punished with severe imprisonment for one year. To increase the hardships, snakes were left in his jail room. He was released only after the independence in 1947.


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