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Congress's infighting instances give BJP an advantage

The Mewar region is reflective of the infighting between the opposition party.

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ashok gehlot sachin pilot

ashok gehlot sachin pilot

A media agency wanted to understand the public sentiments ahead of the Rajasthan's elections. 

Here is what a 52-year-old compounder from Bhilwara had to say about the Rajasthan elections:“Congress has too many faces and it does not send a good message. Even if wevote for them, we do not know who will become the chief minister. We wantCongress to come back to power because we are unhappy with the currentgovernment but the problem is it cannot keep its (own) house in order. Its ownleaders are fighting behind the scenes and one is trying to pull down another,” said Shankar Lal Payak.


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