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Bundi: Cleanest City in the State is celebrating the Honor

Bundi is celebrating the honor of being the cleanest city in Rajasthan by rewarding the cleaners.

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Bundi: In the recent survey conducted to evaluate the results of ‘Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan’, Bundi ranked highest in the state, becoming the cleanest city of Rajasthan.

To celebrate the honor, Bundi Nagar Parishad council has launched a 15-day Cleanliness drive campaign on Friday. On the first day of the event, cleaners of the city were honored by the president of the council; after all it was their dedication that made it possible for the town to rank above the much larger cities of the state.

The award ceremony was organized in the Councils’ Auditorium and was attended by clean surveillance officers Suresh Tamboli, Rajendra Harda, Surendra Tamboli and Rajkumar Sangela.  On this occasion, councilor, Commissioner Deepak Naagar, assistant engineer Deepak Singhal, and city council employees, cleaning inspector were also present.

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