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BSF deploys women in guarding border

Times Of India Mar 08, 2017, 08:32 IST TNN

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JAISALMER: Task of guarding border, which used to be particularly bestowed on men, is now being given to women also.

BSF has engaged its women security personnel in guarding borders adjoining Pakistan. Three BSF women jawans are playing important roles in securing border and frisking women, engaged in farming on both of the fencing, simultaneously. In Rajasthan frontier, 400 women are deployed in guarding borders and in battalion. Every battalion of Rajasthan frontier has 20-30 women security personnel.

Hailing from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal, these women have become security shield at the border. Aged between 20-21 years, these brave hearts have picked up heavy INSUS rifles and are unfailingly turning up for duty every day.

Confirming this, BSF Rajasthan frontier IG Anil Paliwal said 20-25 women constable are deployed in every battalion who are guarding the fences. These women are fully expert and doing perfect job in guarding border. They are expert in patrolling, weapon firing and could deal with any situation.

He said separate barracks along with complete facilities have been allotted to these women and more women constables are joining BSF in upcoming days.

Rajasthan frontier DIG Ravi Gandhi said BSF had appointed women jawans and these women are performing duties like foot patrolling, gate management, frisking women going for farm activities near fencing, assisting in inquiring women caught at the borders, border patrolling and guarding border posts. These women are doing very hard duty like similar to the men jawans. BSF is proud of these women and they are not less than any men in regard to working capacity.

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