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The Only Brahma Temple to Undergo 23 Crore Rupees Facelift

A large scale beautification program is all set to change the appearance of Pushkar Brahma Temple.

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Pushkar: World renowned Brahma Temple in Rajasthan Pushkar is about to go under a series of development program with the intention of making it as spectacular as the only temple of Lord Brahma is ought to be.

The first phase of beautification is estimated to cost around ₹ 23 crores, and it will take around a year for its completion. The range of development the temple will witness include installation of dome, shades, fountain and various types of attractive artworks. A new entrance gate behind the temple too shall be built in the temple premises that will open to theme park.

The main entrance will be installed with speakers and LED televisions so that the visitors can get the feel of the sanctity of the sacred place as soon as they enter into it. In the temple premises, an Open Theater will also be where religious rituals can be performed. Apart from this, sophisticated cow shelters, sculptures, fountains will also be built.

To improve the facilities within the temple premises construction of escalators and food courts will also take place. Prasad shops have also been included in the scheme and a separate beautification process will be run for them.

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