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Bhanwar Vilas Palace - Old City Palace of Karauli

The splendid City Palace of Karauli, presently known as Bhanwar Vilas Palace, was built nearly 600 years before in the midst of 14th century by the Royal Family of Karauli.

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Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli

City Palace, Karauli

Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli

Bhanwar Vilas Palace

Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli

Cultural Program

Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli

Dining Hall

Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli


Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli

Vintage Car Garage

Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli

Ancient Antiques

Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli

Bhanwar Vilas Palace

Bhanwar Vilas Palace Old City Palace Karauli


Karauli is a devotional city of Rajasthan in India surrounded by ancient temples. Devotees from far and wide throng here to celebrate the religious festivals. It is situated around 160 km away from Jaipur, being state capital of Rajasthan. Karauli city location is 64 km away from Mahuwa, which is in at the middle point of Jaipur-Agra Highway.

It is believed that Karauli Old City palace, in Rajasthan, was built nearly 600 years before in the midst of 14th century, by the Royal Family. It has a rich history of heroism and sacrifice woven with its name. Thereafter during 1635 the Fort and a Splendid City Palace came into existence. The Karauli City Palace became the official Residence of the Royal Family till 1938.

It was at this time that extremely modern Bhanwar Vilas Palace was constructed under the rule of Maharaja Ganesh Pal Deo Bhadur. The city of Karauli is surrounded by Red Stone fortification wall, having bastions for full security. The entrance to the Karauli city is through six gates and there are 11 posterns within the walled structure. The most recently built City Palace has the 18th-century construction and the pride of the past is Ornamental Stucco work along with frescoes.

The Heritage Hotel Visitors Delight:

The Bhanwar Vilas Palace is being used as Heritage Hotel. It is offering the accommodation for its guests which is comprised of 8 Suits, 19 Deluxe & 18 Standard Rooms all of which are air-conditioned. The hotel has in its premises restaurant and mini bar.

Food Choices:

The hotel serves Rajasthani, Indian & Continental cuisine preparations for the guests, which are made by very experienced Chefs and Guests experience the exclusive tasty and nutritious food in the settings of Royal Décor thus making the stay at the hotel most memorable. The guest experiences Indian Royal Gastronomy.

There is special meal preparations arrangement for children and in respect of persons following dietary restrictions in their meals because of religious beliefs or health status requiring simple but nutritious food.


  • The hotel has a very clean Swimming Pool for the Guest residents.
  • The Hotel provides all kinds of Travel arrangements from the hotel itself. Transport need is arranged. There are arrangements for local Excursions for the group.
  • The hotel arranges Cultural programs, Puppet show for the Group staying in the Hotel,
  • There are facilities of Yoga, Cooking lessons and Mock Weddings for foreign visitors.
  • There is Jeep Safari, Boat rides, Horse riding, Billiards Room.
  • The large compound has within bird watching garden.
  • The emphasis is on serving organic food. The Hotel has own water treatment facility.

The Royal ride:

Visitors love going to the old city riding on a decorated camel cart. One gets surprised to see the local handicraft shops having the popular lacquer artwork, bangles making, splendid wooden toys, bamboo stuff, traditionally popular sweets etc, being made and available for shopping to take as Royal Souvenirs in memory of the visit to the Royal Ancient City.

Bhanwar Vilas Palace

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