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Beneshwar Fair 2018 - India's Largest Tribal Fair

Beneshwar Fair is a festival enriched with culture and faith and is especially popular amongst the Bhil tribal people.

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Beneshwar Fair

Beneshwar Fair

Beneshwar Fair

Beneshwar Fair

Beneshwar Fair

Beneshwar Fair

Beneshwar Temple

Beneshwar Temple

Organised annually, the sacred confluence of rivers Mahi, Som and Jhakham in the district of Dungarpur sets the Beneshwar fair apart, also making it one of the largest tribal fairs in Asia.

Beneshwar fair is one of the largest congregation in Asia where tribals, especially Bhils, from across Rajasthan and neighbouring states of Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat gather to celebrate their cultures.

The fair is held every year in the lunar month of Magh of Hindu calendar. This year the fair will begin from January 27 and will last till 3rd February 2018.

The fair is of religious nature and is celebrated to commemorate saint Mavji.

The tribals who congregate here in large numbers, also come to pay their respects at the Beneshwar Shiva temple.

Opposite the historic Shiva temple, two disciples of Saint Mavji had built another temple dedicated to Hindu Lord Narayan, of who he is considered an avatar.

The Narayan temple holds charming idols of Lord Krishna and Goddess Radha.

Through the day, the fair markets bustle with countless tribal vendors trying to sell their merchandise. Haat markets are organised for commodities ranging from tribal musical instrument and colourful arts to formidable metallic weapons.

The evenings are marked by a traditional mass feast. This takes place and is prepared by the tribal men visiting the fair. The men join in to enjoy the feast only after all the women and children present have had their share, a nod to the respectable place the women and children have in the tribal society.

The evenings are witness to many cultural programmes, organised to display the artistic and athletic talents of the tribals.

On the last day of the fair, which is marked by the the full moon, all the tribals wake up in the first hour of dawn; take a holy bath in the confluence of Som, Mahi and Jhakham, and pay their respect to Lord Shiva and Narayan by visiting the temples. The day ends with a huge religious procession, with all devotees and visitors joining in the religious and cultural celebrations!


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