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'Know your Army', at SMS Investment Ground

The Sapta Shakti command of Indian Army presents a two-day 'Know your Army' exhibition showcasing equipment display at the SMS Investment Ground in the city!

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The Army's weapons and equipment display attracted thousands of people on Sunday to various guns and canons including 155 mm Bofors gun. From a 60-year-old man to a kid, everyone was curious to know about the functioning of equipment while army men were kind enough to tell everything candidly.

It was not only a way to look into the latest arms and ammunition but was also a chance to interact with the Army. Many army personnel were happy to share their stories on various operations, some even took views of kids and children on what they think about the Army. "Army ke log humari raksha kartey hain (Army people safeguard us)," said Rakshit a 10-year-old boy who had come along with his grandfather to see the exhibition.

"Ongoing Army Mela has some good weapons and equipment, some of which were used in recent floods to rescue people. It also has a designated selfie spot with military weapons and the pictures in the backdrop," said defence spokesperson Lt Col Manish Ojha.

Throughout the day large number of people were seen engaged in looking at various military machines and also interacted with the Army men. "We have also got a display of history and making of every weapon and machine. Army people are also helping. It is a nice initiative which I believe would certainly spread awareness in educating people, especially the children and youth regarding the ethos and war fighting potential of Indian Army," said DK Sharma, a school teacher who was with his family at the exhibition.

Many people did not miss to take a selfie with the Army jawans and officers along with the tanks and guns.

A 10-year-old school girl, Khushboo, asked Khajan Singh, an army man standing near the T-72 tank, what he thinks about the filmmakers who portray their characters in reel life. Singh replied, "The task is not that easy as shown in films. In various operations, we get breakthrough only after hard work, coordinated efforts and above all it needs focus and concentration."

He added, "Filmmon main to hero sabko maar deta hai, par kaam itna aasan nahin hota real life main (in a movie, the hero kills all, but the job is not that easy for us)."

An Army man sitting near the Bofors gun when asked how he felt while he interacted with many civilians, said,"When civilians give us respect, it boosts our morale. It is always good to be with them on an occasion like this."

In the evening the display of Army band was another treat for Jaipurites. The band played various tunes which enchanted the audiences at Albert Hall.

Source: Times News Network

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