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The superfood beans are one of the most nutritional vegetarian foods found on earth. They have high quantities of fibre, complex carbohydrate, folate, iron, and protein.

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Best Beans Recipes

Best Beans Recipes

Best Beans Recipes

Best Beans Recipes

Best Beans Recipes

Best Beans Recipes

Such high nutritional values make beans count among the list of powerhouse foods; and what more? When these beans are cooked in the delightful Indian spices these healthy comestibles become tastier than most of the bland junk foods available elsewhere. Here are some of the traditional Rajasthani bean curries that present the perfect blend of taste and health.

Cluster beans or Gwar Phali

The pale green pods of cluster beans, locally called as Gwar phalli, is one among the most cooked dried curries in Rajasthan. The pods are harvested when they are not fully ripe and are cooked in the common Rajasthani spices and aromatic herbs. These pods have slightly bitter taste, which can be attributed their unripe state. In any case, this slight bitterness adds a distinct pickle like quality to the cooked curry enhancing both its taste and aroma.  First of all these, pods are boiled with a little quantity of baking soda to soften the tough outer texture of the vegetable. Once that’s done, the base of the curry is prepared by sautéing cumin seeds with a paste of fresh green chilies, ginger and garlic in heated oil. After few minutes, slices of onion are added to the mix which is then further cooked more till the onion slices turn golden brown. In the end, the boiled cluster bean pods are dropped in the pan, which are later added with turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chili powder and salt. Since most of the curry was already cooked, it won’t take long for the curry to be ready to consume. Simply mix all the aromatics, spices, and the pods well and let the whole assortment simmer for 4 to 5 minutes. This delicious smelling dry curry of Gwar phalli can be enjoyed with any of the Indian flat-breads; but as the people of Rajasthan believe, it tastes best with millet flour flatbread or Bajre ki Roti.


Cooked with Ker berries, Sangri pods make one of the exclusive dishes of Rajasthan- Ker Sangri ka saag. Grown in abundance in the arid terrain of Rajasthan, both the veggies also have quite a long shelf life, two factors that make the dish so desirable by the people of Rajasthan. The spicy dried curry of Ker-Sangri is made by boiling both the vegetables with a pinch of salt, and then cooking them with a semi-dried condiment of regular Rajasthani spices. To make the condiment, heat some oil and sizzle it with carom seeds, asafetida, and red chilies. Afterwards, place the spices including turmeric powder, chili powder, coriander powder, dried mango powder, and salt with boiled ker-sangri. Mix all these ingredients thoroughly and cook them again for a few more minute. Thus prepared Rajasthani Ker-sangri is bound to leave a lingering taste on your tongue when consumed with any of the

Radish pods

Radish pods, or the Moongre, are crunchy bean-pods that taste strongly like its roots, radish. Alike radish, too, the pods can be consumed raw but here we’ll discover how the thing taste like when cooked in proper Rajasthani style. In the state, Moongre (tailed, topped and cut into pieces of length about 1 inch) are often matched with all-time favorite potatoes. To make the traditional curry, it is imperative to use the moongre of comparatively smaller length of approximately 2 to 5 inches, since the longer ones lack the taste that is required for the curry. To begin with, heat some oil in a heavy bottomed pan and then sauté in it some cumin seeds, asafetida, chopped garlic and ginger. Once the aromatics are done, add some diced tomatoes and cook them till they turn into a mush. Then put in the regular Indian curry spices, the turmeric powder, coriander powder, red chili powder and salt and cook them for a few seconds on medium flame. The base condiment is ready to be mixed and cooked with cube of potatoes and radish pods pieces. The curry will be ready in almost 20 minutes. The tender veggies of Aloo-moongre (as the dish is called in Rajasthan) thoroughly mixed with the typical Rajasthani condiment tastes best with unbuttered whole wheat chapattis, and boiled rice.


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