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Banganga Fair || Celebration of the History related to Lord Krishna and Mahabharat

200 years old, Banganga Fair showcases the richness of Rajasthan cultures and traditions. The fair is the time to purify souls by worshipping and holy dip, shopping of curios and crafts, Rajasthani food and many attractions for kids and adults alike.

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Banganga Fair

Banganga Fair

Banganga Fair

Banganga Fair

Rajasthan, the most culturally rich state of India, is home to the largest number of fairs and festivals and each of them has its own importance and followers. Every city in Rajasthan enjoys its own share of festivals and fairs. Banganga Fair is one of the oldest and the most awaited fairs organized in this old royal state of Rajasthan. Dating back to a few centuries, say 200 years back, this fair was first organized at the time of the inauguration of Radha-Krishna Temple at Bairath district of Jaipur.

This year, Banganga fair will be held on April 21 and run till May 21.

This fair is organized every year on full moon day of Baisakh month (April-May) at the banks of a small river, Banganaga, which is 11 km from Bairath. This fair has its own historical significance that is related to Mahabharata. It is believed that this rivulet was created when Bhishma Pitamaha, a famous hero from Epic Mahabharata, was feeling thirsty at the time of his death, his grandson and great archer Arjun used his archery skills to extract water. As he shot his arrow, a spring came into being here at this spot and that I why its name? Banganga? Ban means arrow and Ganga was the name of the river this stream belongs to. Every year, thousands of devotees come to this place to have a holy dip in this rivulet around this auspicious time.

Every year, thousands of devotees come here to participate in this historic fair to seek God's blessings by having a holy dip in the stream. Radha-Krishna Temple is the main location for the gathering of fair. Devotees start assembling in this temple since early morning to pray and then take a dip in the holy stream. This act of taking a holy dip is believed to wash away the sins and cleanse the soul.

Apart from the main temple, there are other equally important shrines on the riverbank, which are visited by the devotees regularly. These shrines include the Math of Goswamiji and the Temple of Lord Hanuman, Shiva and Ganga Bihari. The entire area surrounding these shrines is impeccably attractive and holy. The holy ambiance and the worshipping activities act as a great purifier for the souls.

The celebration

Apart from worship, the Banganga fair is also a time for enjoying and taking a peep at the Rajasthani culture. Traders from different areas and different communities set up their shops in the fair to sell their wares. They sell all kinds of articles right from toys, traditional ornaments, household items and more. Devotees can spend their time happily shopping curios, souvenirs, traditional crafts and other things from the small stalls organized here by the local artisans. 

Add to this, they can relish delicious traditional Rajasthani food. There is merrymaking atmosphere during the fair which is most enjoyed by the children as they can enjoy many fun moments here at the giant wheel, merry-go-round, and other thrills.

When planning to visit Jaipur during this time of the year, do not miss Banganga fair, as this can be your window to Rajasthani culture.


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