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Baisakhi : Rajasthan celebrated the Sikh New Year

With exuberant feast Langars and heart-touching Shabad-Kirtan, state celebrated Baisakhi on April 13-14.

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Baisakhi, the day that commemorates the formation of Khalsa panth by sixth Sikh guru Guru Govind Singh also marks the beginning of Sikh New Year, making the day all the more significant. The festival is celebrated every year with much enthusiasm in Rajasthan. This year as well, the celebrations were held at all the major Gurudwaras of the state.

In Udaipur, an ‘unbroken’ recital was organized at Gurudwara Sachkhand Darbaar. Shabad were recited at some of the other gurudwaras and at some Sagas were retold. Similar celebrations were held in the Gurudwaras of other districts.

Apart from being the religious celebration, the festival is also celebrated by the farmers of the state since it signifies the harvest season of Rabi crops.

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rajasthan tourist diaries
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