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Badshah and Mika's Wakhra Swag in Jaipur

Times Of India Mar 09, 2017, 13:03 IST Neha Chaudhary

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Rapper Badshah came on the stage singing, `Jaipur Dekho Aagaya Mai' as he performed at a resort in Jaipur on Tuesday along with his band. Before breaking into Saturday Saturday Kardi Rehndi, Badshah said to the crowd, "Mai aap logon ke liye perform karne nahi aaya hoon. Main aap logon ke sath party karne aaya hoon. Aap log party karoge mere sath?" In no time, Badshah had the crowd shouting and swaying to his tunes.It was followed by an assortment of songs, right from Break Up Song to Tamma Tamma, Let's Naacho, Wakhra Swag, Kaala Chashma, Oscar Dinda Tere Lakk Nu and many more.

In between his performance, Badshah interacted with the crowd. Talking about Jaipur, the rapper said, "This is my second visit to the city. Jaipur mein ek sahi cheez lagti hai mujhe." To which one of the audience members asked, "Hawa Mahal?" Badshah replied, "Hawa Mahal dekhne nahi aata hoon main yaahan pe. Chalo yahaan families baithi hain, baad mein bataunga." Though that didn't happen as he left the venue as soon as his performance ended.

The energetic crowd of Jaipur didn't disappoint the rapper. Badshah turned to DJ Nitish, one of the members of his team who was also giving background music to him on stage, said, "See, I told you Jaipur ko party karni aati hai. La ab de Rs 500." The rapper then told the whole story to the crowd. Badshah said that assuming that Jaipur was a conservative city , DJ Nitish had told him that it would be a dull concert and that Jaipurites don't know how to party . Both of them even placed a bet. "Maine 500 ki shart lagai thi ki Jaipur ko party karni aati hai. And thanks to all of you, main yeh shart jeet gaya," said Badshah to the crowd.

After Badshah, next on stage was singer Mika Singh, who has performed in Jaipur many times earlier. Mika made an entry on stage by singing Lage Char Sau Chalis Watt Chhune Se Tere, followed by his evergreen song Sawan Mein Lag Gayi Aag, Gandi Baat, Jumme Ki Raat, Jaipur Se Nikli Gadi and many more. He also sang O Lal Meri Pat Rakhiyo. Before singing this song, Mika said, "Yeh gaana sabse zyada Rajasthan mein gaya hai."

Mika also shared his love for Jaipur and the overwhelming response he gets from the city every time he performs here. "I have always got so much love from Jaipur. Mann karta hai main Jaipur mein hi bass jau," he said.

While Badshah performed for an hour, Mika had to cut short his performance to half-an-hour since there is a ban on playing loud music in Jaipur after 10pm. On a concluding note, Mika promised to Jaipurites that whenever he comes next, he would perform for one and a half hours.

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