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Ajmer Electricity Board on Mission to install LED Bulbs

The 17,000 employees of Rajasthan's first power distribution company in Ajmer are on a mission to replace bulbs with the LED lights in tribal areas.

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AVVNL - Ajmer Electricity Board

AVVNL - Ajmer Electricity Board

Proactive employees of Ajmer Vidyut Vitaran Nigam Limited (AVVNL) have cumulatively contributed Rs 50,000 from their salaries for replacing conventional bulbs with nine watts (9W) LED light to reduce power losses and its consumption by one-tenth.

From January 26, 2018, AVVNL implemented a dress code for 17,000 employees and the cost of the dress was borne by them.

"Motivated employees have collected Rs 50,000 and we aim to collect Rs 1 lakh to replace conventional bulbs with LED lights in 11 districts of Rajasthan", Managing director of AVVNL, B.M Bhamu told PTI.

The employees aimed to replace 5 lakh conventional bulbs without putting any burden on the AVVNL, he said, adding it will be done through CSR (corporate social responsibility) and Bhamashah (donors) funds.

The AVVNL has also undertaken the task to construct 10,000 RCC walls around transformers through CSR and Bhamashahs as a step to avoid any tragic mishap such as Khatolai in Shahpura town of Jaipur district in which 20 people lost their lives in a transformer explosion.

Bhamu said 1,000 RCC walls have been constructed to protect people from any mishap.

source: PTI


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