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Maru-Gurjar Painting

Mewat region is a school of Art for the Maru Gurjar Paintings.

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The vibrant and vivid culture of Rajasthan reflects in the art of paintings as well. One such painting style is known as Maru-Gurjar painting. The name Maru Gurjara originated during the ancient times, when Rajasthan and Gujarat were pretty similar in terms of ethnicity, culture and political aspects of the society. Rajasthan was known as Marudesha in the ancient times whereas the ancient name of Gujarat was Gurjaratra. Maru-Gurjar Art means Art from Rajasthan and Gujarat.

This painting style sheds the light on the royal heritage of ancient Rajasthan. Various painting styles were developed, cultivated and practiced in Rajasthan under the Royal condescension which reached at the peak of its glory by 15th to 17th centuries. Major schools of this art form are in Mewar, Marwar, Kishangarh, Bundi, Kota, Jaipur and Alwar.

Maru-Gurjar Painting was developed during the following phases-
Western Indian Painting Style - 700 AD
Mewar Jain Painting Style - 1250 AD
Blend of Sultanate Maru-Gurjar Painting Style - 1550 AD
Mewar, Marwar, Dhundar & Harothi Styles - 1585 AD


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