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Visit the Past in Kalibangan: World's Oldest Ploughed Field

Kalibangan museum, sanctuary of Harappan and Pre-Harappan artefacts, opens for public after a gap of one and half years.

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Hanumangarh: After going through a constant renovation for one and half years, the Archaeological Museum of Kalibangan has reopened on the occasion of International Museum Day.

Established in the year 1983, the museum houses some of the oldest artifacts ever found in Rajasthan. The museum itself was setup to house the objects found during the 1960s, when large scale excavation expedition was conducted on this Harappan site. Accommodating such important relics from Bronze Age, the museum holds a significant position in the archaeological department of India.

The museum is majorly divided into three galleries, one of which displays the objects from Pre-Harappan era, while the other two of the Harappan era. You can see in these three galleries, Harappan seals, terracotta objects, grinders, stone balls, bricks, and fabric pottery antiquities. On the whole, all those things that can help you visualize the lifestyle of Pre-Harappan and Harappan civilizations who resided in the region, are there for you to witness.

Furthermore, the recent renovation program that started in November 2015, has left this place in a condition where you can actually enjoy exploring the history, in a well-facilitated environment. After restoration, the museum is now furnished with new showcases, LED lights, AC ducts, water coolers and a special VIP room. Interiors of the museum have also been through major improvement with the installation of interlocking tile, new false ceiling, and new flooring.

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