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Alwar police to now register criminal offences via Mobile Phones!

Alwar Police is testing the pilot program of ABHED (artificial-intelligence based human efface detection) a criminal identity registration and tracking app, recently launched by Staqu.

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Alwar: The district police is testing a pilot program of an AI based app that was recently launched by a Gurugram based research startup Staqu.

ABHED as the app is called short for artificial-intelligence based human efface detection uses AI algorithms for indexing criminal profiles matched with their biometric information. It will also be used to organize details of missing people.

The app uses 2G or 3G networks and is able handle thousands of queries in a second. It can also be synchronized with the current Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems that will enable police personnel to register and track the records of criminals and missing people by matching details from the database that stores FIR and biometric information like fingerprints, voice, and face pictures. The developer company also claims that the app offers better accuracy than any other criminal recognition system yet launched in the country.

The app arguably has a very intuitive interface, flexible language support (including Hindi and English among others) and most importantly an OTP-based login system that too can be controlled at different levels by the registered users.

In regards to the app Paras Jain, Additional SP, Alwar Police says, "Our officers are really excited to have such a tool at their disposal. With its ease of searching, our investigation process will become extremely effective", as reported by ET.

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