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Ajmer division of North Western Railways wins seven shields!

North Western railways’ Ajmer Division won seven shields and other awards for its impeccable functionality and various improvements.

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Ajmer: Ajmer division of North Western Railways (NWR) has recently won seven shields in varied sectors including best GM working shield as best division shield. The general manager of NWR, Anil Singhal rewarded the division with all these shields.

It is for the first time the division has earned so much recognition. And it can all be attributed to the various developments the division has run in the fields of commerce, electrification, engineering, health, medical, signals and also environment conservation.

The most important task the railways has completed this year was to build double rail lines between Marwar and Sojat region and rebuilding of 28 bridges en route.

Another work of engineering within the division that was rewarded was increment in speed in the route between Chittorgarh-Udaipur region. The special tasks the division completed during the festivities of Urs also earned it numerous awards.

Other facilities for which the division earned recognition include introduction of e-token booking and e-booking, yoga rooms and libraries for the staff, wheelchair facilities, opening of a food plaza at the station, etc.

In the sphere of environment conservation, the division has built gardens on both sides of the block in Udaipur. ‘Clean My Coach’ app run by the division also earned recognition for its efficient and punctual operations.

Another important task undertaken and completed by the division was the changes brought in the field of signal functioning that brought enormous improvement in the punctuality of telecommunications leading to less signal failure and maintenance of high speed transportation in the hilly region of Ajmer-Udaipur.

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