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62 tigers in Ranthambore, highest in park’s history

Times of India Mar 24, 2017, 06:57 IST TNN

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JAIPUR: The Ranthambore Tiger Reserve in Sawai Madhopur district is now home to 62 tigers, the highest number in the park's history.

In a written reply to an unstarred question in the assembly, the state government said that the number of tigers in the reserve has increased over the years.

However, the number of big cats is more than the the reserve's capacity leading to migration and territorial adjustment of weak and adult tigers.

A report with the reply stated that seven female and three male tigers in the reserve are untraceable in the last five years.

Referring to the assessment of wildlife experts, the government said nearly 20% of tigers either die annually due to various natural reasons or migrate to other territories.

The government also said that arrangements of safety and monitoring of tigers has been done.

LPG connections have been given in villages located near the reserve to reduce the dependency on forests whereas villages Kathuli (151 families) and Bhid (139) have been completely relocated from the forest area.

Bhimpura, Dangra, Unchi Gawadi and Kalibhaat villages have been partially relocated and the work is still going on and the procedure to relocate three villages of Kala Khorra, Talda Khet and Gadhi on priority basis is also proposed.

The Ranthambore reserve is spread over 932 square kilometre.

The government also informed that 105 families from Kankwadi, Umri, Sukola, Dabli, Haripura, Kraska and Devari villages, which were located in the critical tiger habitat, have been completely relocated from the Sariska tiger project.

Sariska is located in Alwar district.

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