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5 Food items to enjoy the Monsoon in Jaipur

Enlisted here are 5 food items to enjoy monsoon in Jaipur that would fill your heart with joy.

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food items to enjoy monsoon in Jaipur

Kadhi Kachori

food items to enjoy monsoon in Jaipur

Mirchi Vada

food items to enjoy monsoon in Jaipur

Dal Cheela

food items to enjoy monsoon in Jaipur


food items to enjoy monsoon in Jaipur


As the rainy season has finally hit the Pink City we can’t help thinking about the delicious snacks to gorge on. Usually, during this time of the year, you would find yourself exploring either about the places to visit in monsoon or the street food to enjoy the rains. Talking about the city, you can enjoy a budget-friendly monsoon in Jaipur without spending a lot.

Since Jaipur is dotted with so many eateries in every nook and corner, you would easily have access to a wide variety of snacks to relish. Enlisted here are 5 food items to enjoy monsoon in Jaipur that would fill your heart with joy.

1.Kadhi Kachori

Where: Rawat Mishthan Bhandaar, Sindhi Camp

The Kachoris of Rajasthan are the most loved items among locals as well as among the tourists. Not only there are several kinds of scrumptious kachoris but the shops also offer mouth-watering, spicy chutneys that serve as the perfect complement for the crispy snacks.

2.Mirchi Vada

Where: Kanji Sweets, Opposite Polo Victory Cinema, Gopalbari

Mirchi Vada is loved by all who are fond of spices and chili. It’s a local food item that is usually served hot with a cup of tea. Mirchi Vada is nothing but wax pepper stuffed with mashed up potato combined with spices. It’s coated with gram flour batter and then deep fried in oil.

3.Daal Cheela

Where: Kalkatta Chat Bhandaar, C-Scheme, Ashok Nagar

Dal Cheela is an Indianised form of pancakes but with added spices and tastier ingredients. You will find a lot of small stalls in the city selling Dal Cheelas made of urad dal and moong dal. The crispy dal cheela combined with sauces and chutneys is just the kind of food you need on a rainy evening.


Where: Jagannath Sharma Pakodi Wale, Tripolia Bazaar

Pakode are always synonymous with rains in India. Piping hot pakode with a steaming hot cup of tea is something every rain lover craves for. Whether it’s dal pakode, pyaz pakode, or any other filling, this snack is an inseparable part of monsoons without which you just can’t feel the joy of the drizzling rains.

5.Jalebi with Kulhad Doodh

Where: Saras Parlour, Jagatpura Road

If you are not fond of having tea or coffee on a monsoon evening, then you might enjoy kulhad doodh with hot jalebis. The mere sight of fried and crispy jalebis wrapped in the sugar syrup would make your worries go away and will fill your heart with happiness. There are several sweets shops in Jaipur to enjoy jalebis and other desserts.


Apart from these above-mentioned snacks to enjoy in Jaipur during monsoon, you should definitely try the coffee neat the statue circle of Jaipur. It’s a small dairy shop that remains crowded, especially in the evenings. Besides, you will also find various stalls selling Bhuttas (corn sticks) brushed up with spices and salts that are perfect for the rainy evenings, especially if you are taking a long drive in the hills.


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