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3 Ideal Secluded Spots in Rajasthan for Nature Lovers

Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations; the saying finds a perfect instance in Rajasthan which is blessed with many serenely beautiful remote locations, three of which you can discover right here.

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Kankwadi fort's Jharokha rajasthan tourism

Kankwadi fort's Jharokha rajasthan tourism

Chambal river rajasthan tourism

Chambal river rajasthan tourism

Monsoon Palace in Udaipur tourism

Monsoon Palace in Udaipur tourism

Rajasthan, a state that is often represented by the long stretches of drab sand dunes, is bespeckled with miraculous oases. Some of these oases became major attraction for the civilizations whereas other remained in the lap of Mother Nature sans much interruption from hustle and bustle of human life. Noted here are three such secluded spots that are still nurtured by the wilderness and admired by the peace seekers.

  • Kankwadi Fort, Alwar

    Located within the buffer region of Sariska Tiger Reserve of Alwar district is the beautiful Kankwadi fort. The hill-top fort was built in 17th century by Jai Singh I as a famine work for the people who inhabited this remote location. The landscape on which the fort is situated is a solitary hillock that is surrounded by wilderness that is the wildlife sanctuary itself. The isolated area has always been sparsely populated with only 3 families living in the area till 2016. Evidently, all these conditions have ensured that the area remains safe from human intervention, a fact that made this fort of Alwar end up in the bucket list of solitude seeking travelers. The place remains open through October till July and can be reached via Safari Jeep with written permission from local Forest Department. The tranquil sprawling green landscapes of the region have enveloped the substantial part of the fort as well, making it a treat for the nature lovers.

  • Garadia Mahadev, Kota

    This noted Shrine of Lord Shiva is famous for its serene and scenic environment created by the meandering path of the Chambal River. The temple is situated on a gigantic cliff located on Chittorgarh-Dabi Road near NH-76, 40 kms from the Kota city. To reach this famed yet isolated temple, you would have to climb down a series of steps. The presiding deity is present there in the form of a Shivlinga, near which is a small waterfall created by a stream of the river. Though all these factors are adequate enough to lure any nature lover adventurist, the trademark of the place is the breathtaking view of Chambal River’s U-shaped pass. The pristine beauty of the scene when added with the tranquility offered by the remoteness of the place, an idyllic setting appears for the visitors who enjoy peace, privacy, and the splendor of wilderness.

  • Monsoon Palace, Udaipur

    Situated on the Bansdara peak of Aravalli hill range, over the famous Sajjangarh Wildlife Sanctuary is the Monsoon palace of Udaipur. This 17th century edifice was named Sajjangarh on the namesake of its founder Maharana Sajjan Singh of Mewar. Maharana had this palace built as an astronomical center that would keep track of the monsoon clouds in the surrounding area. The plan was later dropped owning to the premature death of the Maharana in 1884. The objective of the palace, however, had become synonymous with it making it popular as the Monsoon palace of Udaipur. The palace is entirely made of white marble and has its walls plastered with lime mortar. The high turrets, carved marble pillars, Jharokhas, fountains and a grand central court constitute the substantial part of the building, which when illumined in the nighttime creates a fairytale like magic in the environment. Lighted in night and surrounded by aesthetic panoramic view of the city of lakes in daytime, this place presents epitome of grace and tranquil beauty round the clock.


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