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1st International Conference on Intelligent Communication and Computational Techniques

ICCT17 will be organized from 22 Dec to 23 Dec at Manipal University, Jaipur.

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ICCT17 will work as a platform for sharing information about recent trends and progress in the area of networking and high end data handling and it is playing a role in the industry's research and market development. It will provide great opportunities to share thoughts and share ideas with top-notch in the field for our students and faculties. This knowledge sharing can inspire and thrive many young minds and help us to work together and bring global partners. We present ICCT'17 with "intelligent ideas and solutions for smart and challenging tasks" to solve a daunting problem and come up with a solution to the edge for them. The whole idea of the platform is to exchange thoughts and ideas, to solve problems, to change those people in real time. In the conference, students will also be aware of the importance of scientific research in related areas and in synchronizing with the product market.

Day & Date - Friday&Saturday, 22-23 December, 2017

Time -10:00 am onwards

Venue - Manipal University Jaipur


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