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19th Vintage Car Rally

Drive to the Old times and experience the history of automobiles.

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Vintage Car Rally brings back the memories of the ancient times when automobiles used to be the matter of dignity among the riches and the royals. It provides the peek in to the British era in India. The Maharajas in Rajasthan had astonishing fondness for automobiles that the cars for them used to be imported from Europe and America. Their affection for the cars is reflected in this Vintage Car Rally.

The Vintage Car Rally is an annual event which takes place every year. This year, the 19th Edition is going to take place from 25th to 26th February 2017 in the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. 

This one of a kind Car Rally attracts a huge number of tourists, admirer of vintage of beauty and passionate sports lovers. In this car rally, some of the beautiful automobile models can be seen which do not leave any scope of charming the visitors amazingly.

Some of the vintage models which often take part in the rally include 1903 Humber, 1923 Fiat 501, 1923 Austin, 1927 Erskine, 1934 Rolls Royce, 1937 Mercedes 170 V and 1938 Morris 8 among the other fine metal that covers 1950 Jaguar XK 120, 1952 Cadillac Coupe de Ville, 1957 Chevy Bel Air and 1964 Ford Mustang. Many of these vintage cars can be rented for some hours for joy rides or on the special occasions like weddings.


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