Royal Liquor of Rajasthan

Mawalin, Chandrhaas, Kesar Kasturi and Jagmohan, the traditional royal liquor of the state, prove that royalty is in the spirit of Rajasthan.

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Rajasthan is as royal as a state can get; and the same can be said about the heritage spirits of Rajasthan. The four magnificent liquor of the state namely Royal Mawalin, Chandrhaas, Kesar Kasturi, and Jagmohan, are those rare fine wines that you can simply not afford to miss while visiting Rajasthan. These rare exotic drinks are available only in the state and that too at a quite affordable price range!

1. Kesar Kasturi

As the name suggests, the concoction’s primary constituent is Kesar or saffron, which is also responsible for the captivating gold color of the drink. This exotic beverage, despite its deliciously smooth texture, has many other ingredients including Indian spices, milk, honey and dried fruits. The exact ingredients of this sweetened spirit vary from one manufacture to other. There are only seven families that are engaged in the production of this rare spirit, a fact that can be given credit for the lack of availability (and fame) of the product. These are the only manufacturers of this liquor, that have government approved patents, and they all produce seven exclusively different brands of this royal drink. Though Kesar Kasturi still hasn’t received its share of recognition, it gained some fame when Roger Moore (James Bond-Octopussy) mentioned it, having been served the delicacy during the shooting of the movie in Udaipur; and later again when Travel and Living Channel made a documentary on Indian wines. You can get this drink on your table in as less as a thousand INR.

2. Royal Mawalin

A fine wine made with splendid 39 ingredients, including dry fruits and dates, is what this Royal Mawalin is all about. The most prominent feature of this heritage liquor is its bitter taste, something that will keep most people from taking a mouth full of it at once, (at least for the first time). However, for all that bitterness, Royal Mawalin has huge variety of covering aromatics, which right away evaporates the bitterness from your tongue, leaving just the rich texture behind. The exact recipe, and ingredients that into the making of royal Mawalin, is kept secret within the noble family of the Sodawas, the one and only manufacturer of this rare beverage. The price too, therefore, remains dynamic depending on the availability of the product. Royal Mawalin is believed to have curative properties, and is consumed in small quantities to treat common cold, and mild aches. The spirit is also considered to be great for digestive system, and is often used as an appetizer. Though the drink inherently posses warming qualities, it is consumed throughout the year. In winters, it is served with a little quantity of lukewarm water, whereas, in summer it is presented with a good quantity of crushed ice.

3. Royal Jagmohan

Age-old liquor, Royal Jagmohan, is an exotic beverage hailing from the royal house of Jodhpur. It is made by brewing different varieties of herbs and spices with dried fruits, marmalade, milk, clarified butter, saffron and sugar crystals. The process of brewing lasts up to three days, after which the liquor is given its fineness by distilling it with charcoal. The drink work as a great appetizer especially during the dry winters of Rajasthan. Made with all the high-quality organic materials, Royal Jagmohan poses no health hazards when consumed in acceptable quantities. However, it is strongly recommended not to consume the drink with any acidic comestibles.

4. Royal Chandr Haas

Chandr Haas is perhaps the best known, and least expensive, exclusive liquor from Rajasthan. It is easily available within the price range of 700 to 800 INR in Rajasthan. Though quite affordable, this exotic liquor has a great number of quality ingredients in it, eighty to be precise. Nutmeg, Chlorophytum borivilianum, bark of Indian gooseberry, sandalwood, and other aromatics, spices, and dry fruits makes the complex, yet rich texture of this Rajasthani beverage. All these ingredients are brewed together for a long time. Thereafter, the liquid is distilled through copper pots and is then aged in wooden caskets.

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